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Allow the entry of Project Labor Posting to a Project or Project AND Task without a resource group

Clients have the need to post to the same account for the entire projects to a direct or indirect labor account regardless of the resource group.

Since the system requires the resource group, this forces the client to setup lines for EVERY overhead project for EVERY Resource group. This results in a lot of setup.

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  • Dec 3 2018
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  • tim Poulsen commented
    10 Nov, 2021 11:12am

    Make it possible to make a setup that all project and resources uses without having to do the setup for each resource group.

  • Kimberly Bateson commented
    10 Jul, 2019 05:28pm

    Additional comments by a customer. 

    Is there a possibility to configure the Project Labor Posting based on “Project Posting Group” or some similar classification on the project level? What we are trying to achieve is to post the Labor Cost to separate accounts for different type of projects.