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Budget Repeating- Half Works

Love the idea of the functionality, but it sort of works and is clunky.

  • Max No of Days will limit the occurrences if the max # of days is less than the dates between the start date and end date. Max No of days does nothing if it is greater than the days within the date range
    • Seems like this should be either enter start and end dates OR enter start date and Max # of occurrences.
    • At the very least the system should yell at you for not entering Max # of days because without it the repeating budget is useless- it enters one occurrence.
  • The permissions based on task set on the project card work with the repeating budget- yeah!!
  • Scheduling for only certain days doesn’t work.  For example, if I set it to just Tuesday and Thursday, it doesn’t only budget for those days (either does M-F or just one occurrence). 
    • Update it so you can budget for only certain days as I would think that would be used a lot- we would use it.
    • OR remove the option to turn on certain days as it makes you think you can do this and is very frustrating when it doesn’t work.
  • Clean up the UI- confusing on what to select under the Day, Week and Month Option.  Currently you need to turn on the Everyday Weekday in the Day and M, T, W, TH, F under the Week for it to function.
  • Remove the duplicate screen- When you go to budget repeating it pulls up 2 screens that have the same fields, but look slightly different.  You only need one and it is confusing to a user.
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  • Jan 22 2019
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