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Ability to define a billing date and or date range that can be displayed and printed on the invoice

It is a very common need to have the invoice date range shown on the header of the invoice. If we had the ability to define the invoice period in the Invoice Suggestions and then allow the display of that date range on the invoice that would be very useful.

If the date print had codes that offered the flexibility of display that would provide a lot of options to the customer

Example of how the dates could be structured

Date Print Cd The date print code is used in formats that present billing dates.

Code  B1 - 'Period beginning SD through ED' 

Code B2  - 'Work from LB through ED'

Code E1 - 'Work through ED WD Work during LB through ED'

The meanings of the date codes in the description are as follows.
SD Start Date

ED End Date

LB Last Billed Date On the invoice

The B1 date print code would appear as follows: Period beginning 06/01/04 through 06/30/04
104 Flexible Billings
You can specify the start and end dates for the billing period in either Invoice Suggestions screen or Invoice Creation

Entry into this field is optional although, if blank, the billing period cannot automatically print on the invoice.

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  • Jun 26 2019
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