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Ability to split/breakdown/distribute a Schedule Billing to multiple lines

Users have scheduled billings (Milestones/deliverables) on jobs that apply to more then one type of service (i.e. labor, materials, expenses). 

Currently they are required to setup multiple scheduled billings lines to accomplish this. It would be nice to have the ability break out one scheduled billings into multiple lines.

The drill down of those lines would allow them to define a description , amount, dimensions,  product posting group and  project posting group for each line.  WIP would also be based on the detailed lines.

This functionality could work similar to the drill down of the GL General Journal Recurring breakdowns/distribution that exists.

  • Kimberly Bateson
  • Aug 8 2019
Business Impact

improve ease of use and simplicity of finding records that go together related to scheduled billings

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