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Ability to include Hour Bank, Qty, Resource, Unit price on Scheduled Billings

Some client will have monthly or quarterly billing that they will want to associate to an hour bank.

The hour bank functionality requires Resource, Hour Bank, Qty and price in order to generate the information on the Sales Invoice properly

  • Kim Bateson
  • Apr 16 2020
Business Impact

Currently the user is not able to setup a recurring invoice that will automatically post to an hour bank because the fields are not available in the Scheduled Billings screen.

If the fields were added and auto processing of scheduled billings existed it would be easy to generate the recurring billings

If the Resource, hour bank, Qty and price are added then it may also make sense to include the ability to have inventory and expenses on scheduled billings too. These are not required for hour bank but other clients may benefit from having the ability to invoice the other options too.

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