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Add more of the task fields to the Task Template

There are several fields that would be valuable included in the task Template that exist on the task. Because these fields are not included in the task template or the project plan, the user must manually go into the task to see/edit them.

Additional things that would also be valuable

Contract Invoicing Account

Retention %

Global Dimension 1 and Global Dimension 2

All the short cut dimensions

WIP Method

Note - It would be valuable also if all the task fields were available for view/edit in a grid form such as something similar to the project plan rather than the task card. Using the task card to see/edit the task fields that are not included in the project plan are difficult to assess

  • Kim Bateson
  • Apr 17 2020
Business Impact

Ease of use

If the Job Posting Group is added then the WIP process could post to a different CREDIT/Revenue account for the task. This will be valuable for some customers

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