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Expense report posting that create purchase invoices should post expenses to GL and Purchase invoice should only contain clearing account

The current functionality

The user enters expense sheets with a posting date for the expense report  (This date is the ONLY date that flows to the purchase invoice)

Transaction lines on the expense sheets can have different dates based on when the expense occurred (These are the dates that flow to the project transactions)

The NAV/D365 purchase invoice only has 1 posting date and cannot accommodate varying dates for the lines.


Current Challenge

The result of this is the project transaction lines have a date from the expense report and the GL transaction lines have a different date based on the Purchase Invoice date. This results in difficulty reconciling GL and project



Recommended Solution

Change posting so that when the expense report posts, we get posting to both GL and Purchase Invoice

  • Post the Expense report lines directly to GL with the same dates as the expense sheet. The offset would be a clearing account defined in the expense posting setup as another column
  • Create the Purchase invoice with the expense sheet posting date. The detail line of the expense sheet would be the same clearing account as the Expense posting
    • When the Purchase invoice is posted it will offset the clearing account.


GL and Project will always tie out and It will be much easier to reconcile the clearing account than the expense accounts


Note –in SL we had a separate clearing account for employee paid vs customer paid. So this would support using the expense posting setup for the definition of the account

  • Rich Fowler
  • Aug 9 2018
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