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Ability to create a revenue schedule and a billing schedule that are different

Have the ability to create a billing schedule that is any type of frequency. We currently have this but if anything is posted 1 time on the scheduled billing then no changes can be made.

Have the ability to create a revenue schedule. This revenue schedule would be nice if there was a button that you could use to generate the schedule for x number of periods at y rate with z frequency. Then allow the user to run a process similar to scheduled billings and post the revenue schedule to GL without generating a Sales invoice.

Currently the only way to generate project revenue is via a sales invoice and that does not match customers needs. We also have not method to generate revenue recognition without creating a document sales invoice or using WIP. But WIP does not handle a recurring schedule of any type.

  • Kim Bateson
  • Dec 15 2020
Business Impact

Currently we can only generate a revenue posting by using the deferral codes on a scheduled billings to generate a recurring revenue amount. However this creates a lot of lines in GL for the deferral schedule. However, many companies that have subscription contracts will have deferral schedules that will change because something in the contract changes. This may results in the length of the revenue recognition to lengthen or shorten. The revenue recognition will likely have nothing to do with the billing. Currently there is no method to easily set this up and manage the handling of the revenue and or billing separately, especially if there are a lot of changes

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