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Split invoicing: Correct tracking in suggestion and splitting details on invoice

The current "Split Invoice" functionality has some limitation regarding the invoicing process.


  • When creating split invoices, the inv. suggestion line hold a reference to one of the created invoices.

    • It is not possible to find the other invoices

    • If the referenced invoice is posted or deleted, the suggestion line opens up for invoicing again even though there are still open invoices

  • The split invoices has no information that it is indeed a split of something

    • It is not possible to print on the invoice something like “Split 25% of…” or “2 hours, org. qty. 8 hours”.


  • “Created Document” on Inv. Sugg. Line is complemented by “Created Docs.”, a field showing the number of documents created. As long as it is 1 or greater the line will not be used for new invoices. Drill-down on this field will show the list of invoices.

  • The full “Qty. to invoice” is added as an extra field on sales lines, invoice lines and credit memo line. Thus an invoice line could be Qty=2, “Original to invoice” = 8. This will enable displaying details regarding the actual split.

  • Aske Holst
  • Jun 8 2021
  • Shipped
Business Impact

Reduce the number of incorrectly created split invoices

Give access to all created split invoices, eliminating confusion about what invoices were created.

Eliminate the time spent on writing out the split-details manually on each invoice.

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