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Improved Filtering on Resource Boards

Consider improving resource board filtering in the following use scenarios:

  1. Provide a filter for showing overbooked or underbooked resource (allows you to find them more quickly and make the adjustments needed)

  2. Filter to show assignments made to only resource groups and not just resources (these need to be found and divided up and sometimes they are difficult to identify)

  3. Provide option to save the filters as a view, similar to functionality elsewhere in Business Central (while saving the last viewed filters is already an option, sometimes you need to swap back and forth to filters that were difficult to configure and this would make it easy to switch back and forth...either saved in the filters lookup or on the resource board menu/page itself)

  4. Provide an option to use filters in the OR or the AND state. By default, the filters build on each other using the AND state. For example, Resource GROUP = X AND GLOBAL DIMENSION 1 = Y. Sometimes it's useful to build upon filters with an OR statement. For example, RESOURCE = XXXXX or RESOURCE GROUP = XXXXX, which allows you to show a resource group with another resource added in that is not a part of the group.

  • Brandon Lewis
  • Jul 31 2021
Business Impact

Makes it easier to work with filters and is more user friendly to have these options.

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