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PTO Manager

Provide a dynamic interface that provides a planning tool for both the employee and manager and makes it easier for both sides of the house to rapidly see where PTO amounts stand at any time throughout the year, and how this may affect project resource planning.

  • Linda Contreras
  • Dec 14 2021
Business Impact

As an employee goes through the year, PTO accrues or increases each month. Or as they take PTO, it goes down. The employee could potentially be able to plug in all the dates and hours they want to schedule into a calendar type interface for the year. Potentially from a resource management side, managers could have visibility into this (there should be a draft version and when complete, an option to make it “live”) . Employees should be able to add PTO dates to the calendar which could block out certain dates for their PTO, and once “live” and approved, would send an Outlook appointment for their calendar. There could be integration to the Timesheet Entry page in D365 to click a button and have it create the PTO timesheet for approved time.

From the manager’s side, they would receive a PTO request and approve it, it would send back to the employee as an Outlook appointment. if they have scheduled the employee for a project, that time on the calendar could display as an alert, or even as a blackout dates (for example, if it’s busy season and no PTO is authorized). Or if other critical team members have already scheduled time off, it might not block them, but they could see there are other members of their team scheduled off for certain dates. It could also provide alerts when they are approaching a PTO shortage, or if they’ve not taken enough PTO and will lose PTO if not used.

Industry Vertical Human Resources, Professional Services Organizations
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