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Ability to add Ad Hoc billing

When client care is being used they have standard amount of time allotted in the support plan. Need to be able to enter time as billable for the resource but not charge the customer until a specific amount of hours is reached, once it is- then the customer is billed for anything extra past a certain number of hours. 


Example: Customer is allotted 50 support hours and charged $1000 a month regardless if they use 10 or 50. 
Customer uses 55 hours in a month. 
Customer will be billed $1000 plus the hourly rate for the additional 5 hours. 
Everything the resource enters for customer care will show as 'billable time' but not charge the customer on top of the $1000 unless more than 50 hours.

Need to automatically track hours up to 50 then switch to hourly billing once the set amount is reached. 

  • Tasha Anspach
  • Oct 15 2018
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