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Resource cost in foreign currency

For companies working with a mix of internal and external resources on projects, and there external resources invoice their work in a foreign currency it would be really helpful to be able to set the resource cost in foreign currency. This is currently limited by the timesheet currency code function.

For example, a project have internal resources with a cost rate of 100 LCY/hour and external resources with a cost rate of 100 FCY/hour. If both resources log time to the project and the timesheet currency code is set to LCY/blank, only the internal resources will have a cost rate for the entries.

In this case it is suggested that the resource cost in FCY is converted to LCY. Cost rates in several currencies for the same project and resource should not be allowed to avoid conflicts.

  • David Embretsen
  • Sep 12 2022
Business Impact

This makes sure that projects can use a mix of resources with costs in LCY and FCY without having to manually update the resource cost in LCY every time the currency exchange rates changes.

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