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Include Hour Bank when using Move Entries function

I have time entries in the Project Ledger that I need to move to a different project. For illustration, let's say 8 hours are entered to Project A, and they need to be moved to Project HB. Project HB has an Hour Bank assigned to it. When the Hour Bank was assigned to Project HB the "Use Hour Bank No. Default" was checked, or turned on, so that the Hour Bank would default in when time is entered to Project HB.

I am going to utilize the Move Entries function in the Project Ledger to move the time from Project A to Project HB. However, after completing this process, I can see on the Project Ledger for Project HB that the Hour Bank default did not apply to the new entry that was created from the Move Entries function.

Please add the ability to have the Hour Bank default applied to entries that are moved to a project that has an Hour Bank Default.

I think the best way to accomplish this, giving the user the most control over the move, would be to add an Hour Bank drop-down on the Move Entries screen that would show any Hour Banks assigned to the selected project. If the user picks an Hour Bank from the list, then the time entries are applied toward the Hour Bank. If the user does not select an Hour Bank then the entries move to the project, but not applied to the Hour Bank.

If an Hour Bank is selected in a move, and the hours or dollars being moved would exceed the amount allowed in the Hour Bank, the user should be given the option to split the hours/amount and apply part of it to the Hour Bank (to finish out the Hour Bank) and the remaining hours/dollars to a "regular" project entry.

  • Eric Young
  • Sep 29 2022
Business Impact

The business impact of not implementing this change is that the Move Entries functionality is not taking everything into consideration. Many users, myself included, expect that Move Entries would know about the Hour Bank default, and use it when moving a Time entry because it was set to default.

In other words, the business impact is incorrect data.

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  • Admin
    Jeff Suwyn commented
    29 Sep, 2022 06:26pm

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