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Add Project Ledger Entries (PGS) as a searchable object and replace link to Project Ledger Entries (PGS) when previewing posting

Today when you search(alt+q) for project ledger entries you only get a hit on the standard BC project leger entries and as a user you assume that is the "right" one which leads to confusion as fields in standard BC project ledger entries and Project Ledger Entries (PGS) have the same field name for some fields but are updated differently (as standard BC project ledger entries doenst have detaild project ledger entries).

When running "preview posting" or "Find Entries"(Ctrl+Alt+Q) on a document which have project ledger entries the link to project ledger entries is the standard BC page. This should be changed so that it's the page Project Ledger Entries (PGS) that opens.

  • Erik Parling
  • Nov 2 2022
  • Shipped
Business Impact

This change would lead to less confusion for the user when analysing the project ledger entries and make it consisent within the system which page you are directed to when you want to look at the project ledger entries.

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  • Admin
    Jeff Suwyn commented
    18 Apr, 2023 07:27pm

    The change was shipped in the April 2023 release that is available now

  • Erik Parling commented
    17 Mar, 2023 03:32pm

    Hi Jeff! Ok - that sounds good. Do you have any target release for that change?

    Best Regards Erik

  • Admin
    Jeff Suwyn commented
    15 Mar, 2023 07:09pm


    This change was made in the January and Feb 2023 Releases. We are in the process of making the job ledger entries page match the project ledger entries page. We will deprecate the project ledger entries page in a future release so that there is no confusion and it is easier to maintain and update.