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Create the ability to budget based on a resource or resource group

Please add a page similar to budget matrix with capacity that has the ability to choose the resource. Then list below all the projects/tasks resource is budgeted to with the same breakdown as day, week, month, year etc. Also provide the ability to add new lines on the screen and allow the user to choose the project and task to budget them for. This screen should create budget lines just like budget matrix does.

It would also be good to have both the budget matrix view and the budget matrix with capacity.

Lastly it would be really nice to have the ability within the resource budget screen or resource budget with capacity screen to move or assign the budgeted hours from the resource to another resource or to a resource group

This same concept would be nice too to use the resource group as the starting point and assess the hours budgeted for that group for a day, week, month etc and then reassign those hours to a person from within the matrix screen rather than use split budget

  • Kim Bateson
  • Jul 17 2020
Business Impact

Currently the only option to see the budgeted hours is in budget matrix/capacity based on the project. However, many companies want to see and create budgets based on a person across many projects. This is more in alignment with resource planning needs rather than project planning.

Resource planning and moving hours is not easy in the system currently

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