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Update customer address and name on projects and contracts when address is changed on customer card.

When an address and/or name on a customer card is changed it currently does not update the data on the projects or contracts, causing all project invoices to use the old customer invoice until manually changed project by project.

When updating a customer address it would be really nice to be able to either select to update projects or that projects updates automatically in the background. This might also be a setting in the project setup.

  • David Embretsen
  • Aug 26 2021
Business Impact

Creates more consistency and reduces risk of errors on customer invoices.

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  • Eric Young commented
    4 May, 2023 02:17pm

    Please, please try to add this to the next release. We need, at least, when a BC contact is updated, and that BC contact is linked to a project, the information should be updated on the project.

    Currently, the project does not update.

    One is forced to make their update on the customer card/contact. Then, open the Project Plan, then open the Project Card, click the ... on the Contact No. field, select (or just leave selected) the contact, click OK, arrow out of the Project Card and the Project Plan. That is a lot of extra work for something that should/could be automated.

  • Eric Young commented
    21 Oct, 2021 06:18pm


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