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Subscription Order - Project Code Selection and Updating Lines

When creating a Subscription Order, the Project No. in the header allows for the selection of a project that is Closed. It would be helpful if a) the dropdown list only showed open projects, and/or b) an error message stated that a closed project cannot be selected.

Additionally, the lines are not updated by the Update Lines dialog that appears once selecting a project in the header.

  • Eric Young
  • Nov 20 2022
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    Jeff Suwyn commented
    15 Mar, 2023 08:22pm

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for the suggestion about the project lookup. We will evaluate changing that option for you

    the update dialogue box is a standard BC message. It states 'You have changed a dimension, do you want to update the lines?'. The question is referring to updating the dimensions on the line because the header dimension is updated when you choose a new project. The project on the lines must be updated manually.

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