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The ability to provide invoice report for hour bank activity

Customers post invoices for hour bank and then consume against them.

We need the ability to link those hours to an invoice so that the consumption of those hours are documented and accounted for to the customer. The information available on the invoice should include the same information as a TM invoice which would include invoice comments from the timesheet. This information needs to be available to send on a zero invoice

The presentation of the information on the invoice would need to be researched. The hour bank transactions will typically contain a billable price/amount because it is decrementing the hour bank but the invoice should display at zero amount so that the customer is not billed twice

  • Kim Bateson
  • Aug 20 2020
Business Impact

There is currently no report that has all the information needed to send to the customer. This can be met in one of 2 ways

  1. The ability to send a zero invoice and run thru invoice suggestions process as other types of TM billing

  2. Supplemental report - This is not the ideal option because it may be difficult to assess if something has already been sent to a customer without a document that identifies it as such. for instance, if the supplemental report is only generated based on a project and date range then it is possible to double report or omit hour bank transactions for timesheets with prior period dates

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